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I am Hongxuan Wu

A senior student going to graduate from Pratt Institute, spring 2023. I studied Industrial design, and took minors in interior design and sustainable study.
Looking for jobs and meet people who are interested in working with me.



I grow up in Beijing, and came to the United States in 2017,  in 2019, I came to New York City.  To me, both Beijing and New York are melting pots of different cultures and backgrounds, exposing me to new ideas, perspectives, and ways of thinking.

Type of design


My work includes
︎ tangible interface (UIUX),
︎ soft goods (concept design of high-tech wearable taste health device + garment for disability)
︎ biomaterial (3d filament made by wine waste)
︎ furniture, interior design (dwelling and library)
︎ emergency product and housing design (industrial + interior + architecture)
︎ public space design (industrial + urban planning).
I am passionate about industrial design and have a strong interest in innovative wearable technology.

Design strategy

Nature Inspires me / Travel

I fall in love with Bio ︎ while studying industrial design. The beauty in organic shapes and textures, the efficiency in their founctionality, the sustainable aspect. All of these inspired me to design something innovative. Nature is my biggest source of inspiration for design.
Travel ︎ is another strategy, I got more oppunities communicate with people from different background and experience what I never seen. I love to record everything I found interested, sadly 512G is not enough for me. So I started to taken photos with my camera ︎ . If you notice me one day in a different country please say hi to me! 



Global Grad Show

Project: Emergency Housing


IESNYC Student Lighting Competition 3rd place

Project: After Life (Lighting on body)

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